11 November 2020

2021 Virtual Conference

From the beginning, the annual International Conference on Narrative has served as an important focus of ISSN activities. Each conference has been a collaboration between ISSN and one or more host institutions. Participation has been open to everyone, with ISSN members registering for each conference at a preferred rate, and non-members registering at a rate that includes membership in the ISSN for the coming year. The business meeting held at each conference has served as a major forum for discussion of policies and practices within the society, dissemination of news related to elections and committees, and introduction and ratification of changes.

2021 Virtual Conference

This year, by hosting an online conference, the Society hopes that this event can become more accessible, inclusive, and diverse.

Participants are welcome to apply as either contributors, or observers. Observers will be eligible to register as soon as registration opens, but the number of observers will be limited and first-come, first-served. There are no application fees, although there will be small participation fees, in order to make this conference possible. Note that we are offering reduced fees for Graduate Students, to make their participation possible.

Applications for contributors are being welcomed until Nov. 25, 2020. The call for papers can be accessed here.

Lindsay Holmgren, Erin James, and Sue J. Kim are serving as conference coordinators and can be reached at narrative2021@gmail.com

Keynote Speaker: Karla Holloway

The full Conference Programme will be released as soon as panelists and papers are accepted.

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